Finding Calm in the Chaos


To empower people to create
calm out of chaos and
clarity out of

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Finding Calm in the Chaos


At times it can seem that chaos is everywhere. Confusion in our world and in our work and most definitely in our home.

But what if we could find clarity in the confusion?

This is my singular goal in building relationships with clients — work together to separate the wheat from the chaff, the signal from the noise, and create calm and comfortable spaces in their homes and offices. Learn more about my process and how I work to educate, equip and encourage, or contact me below.

As a very organized “wannabe” without enough time to organize, I was extremely pleased with everything you touched. Everything was very organized, easy to find and labeled. I appreciate your professional approach, your responsiveness and details. I can’t wait call you again for another project!
— CIndi in Nashville, TN

Malinda is so much more than my personal organizer. She has become a trusted friend during the year that we have worked together. The bonus to our friendship, however, is that she also helps me organize my home, and my life.
— Rebekah in Nashville, TN


Hello! My name is Malinda Moseley and Nest Home Organizing is my home organizing business located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am a wife, mother, twin, animal-lover and life-long learner. After almost 20 years working in the legal education world, I decided to take a leap of faith and do what I love to do best — organize! 



Do you feel stuck? Like there is so much “stuff” in your life that you just don’t know what to do with it or where to start? What is “stuff” anyway? “Stuff” can be anything (physical or emotional) that is in your world that does not belong where it currently is. It needs a “home.” A place it belongs. I can help you clarify what stuff means to you, and in turn, help you organize that stuff into clear, functional and readily-available systems of organization.